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. good morning, everyone. welcome to "mornings on 2". it is sunday, december 8th, i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. we are experiencing difficults. we will run a cut in for you. we apologize for any inconvenience this brings to our viewers. we bring you to oakland where they are looking for a homicide suspect. that is near the macarthur freeway. officers did have the guns drawn and they cordoned off several blocks but a search of the area turned up nothing and
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it was reopened to traffic a half hour ago. in other news, the most anticipated nfl games of the season will take place at candlestick park. the seattle seahawks are in the area looking to clinch the nfc west. alex savidge is live for us where some fans camped out for the night. >> you know, candlestick is a chilly place to play. today it will be cold. tailgaters will have to work hard. you are seeing people pull into the parking lot this morning. because this is heated rivalry between the 49ers and the seahawks. you can expect increased security as well out here at today's game. san francisco police chief greg sur, said there will be more undercover officers than at any other game in the season. some will be dressed in seahawks gear. >> they are urging everyone to
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avoid arguments and fights with opposing fans. as for the game itself. they are hoping the game here will give them the edge. they have been blown out by the seahawks and they are poised to end the 49ers two year reign as division champs. to give you a sense of just how much this game means to seahawks fans and up in seattle, there is a group of fans who raise money and actually, they have purchased a plane. they will be flying a seahawks banner above candlestick park. >> 15 minutes before kickoff today. it will be a banner that will be touting the seahawks and taunting 49er fans before kickoff. >> kickoff this afternoon. here at candlestick. should be a fun one. >> alex savidge, ktvu, channel 2 news. you can watch it right here. the game is at 1:25. followed by the postgame show
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and follow then the point after. everyone wondering what the weather is like. we are used to cold weather at the stick, rosemary, it is pretty, pretty cold out there. >> yes, bring a jacket. or blanket. it is 10 degrees below the seasonal average. this morning, we are freezing with the freed warning in place. and in case you are curious about tomorrow morning, the national weather service has decided to issue one for tonight into tomorrow morning as well. the cold weather is going to linger. with that said, it is a spare the air kay. it is becoming more stable. then it is going to suffer moderate the to a bit unhealthy and for the north based folks. >> what it means, it is illegal to burn wood unless you are exempt. unless it is the primary source of heat. don't start the fire in the fireplace this morning.
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this has to do with a weak system offshore. it will continue to the south. if you are looking up above. see seeing the high clouds. this is where it is to and from. >> reporting 12 miles an hour. >> most of us are very calm and this is making a difference. and i will show you. sfo, the only place on this map. >> sending out 41 degrees. and reventing it from settling in. for the rest of us. it is a chilly start. >> upper 20s. to the mid-30s. and 27 degrees right now. >> hillsboro at 29. and if we shift, cold temperatures as well. >> upper 20s and 30 in sun creek. lafayette 34. and in or rinne daly city, we will begin to see temperatures -- in orinda and expect cold temperatures for the morning hours. if you go to the farmer's market. struggling once again.
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in the forecast for the afternoon, a look at your extended forecast here with the weekend in view. >> temperatures in view a lot like yesterday. >> notice that as we get into the business week. it is warmer each passing day. all the way into wednesday and thursday before we finally get back to the seasonal average for december. >> meanwhile, they will romaine on the cold side and through this morning. tomorrow morning as well. back to you. >> thank you, rosemary. >> what they said flying the banners over candlestick. you have to fly what ever you want and still should play the game. again right now we are having technical difficulties and they are working on the problems right now. >> we will take you to right this minute, this is the news every half hour. if we resolve the update. we will see you here for a complete newscast. they look good i front of my house. >> here's another grinch in
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russia. this gentleman, can yes, i said gentleman but he's dressed up like a lady. sadly this man did get away with money they bu they said he politely said good-bye and walked out. >> he makes a tall lady. >> the first one, a long board run going down the mountain in colorado. this is amanda roden, female long boarder up ahead. sun is setting, gorgeous, beautiful. >> what could possibly go wrong? >> you'll never guess. >> organizatih, no! no! >> you can't prepare for that. you don't expect a herd of cows to be going by. >> she went head first into the assnd of a cow.
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-- ass end of a cow. amanda said she did now there were cow on the road but she didn't expect to run into them. she got a hook shaped bruise on her thigh, tore her jeans, a little road rash. but didn't stop them. they went back up the hill pumped up on adrenaline and ran this again. >> let's move on to a mountain biker. nick clark attempting a front flip tuck, no hands. >> wow! >> did his bike broke? >> his bike broke! >> i bet it broke his junk! >> here it is again. that felt awful. i felt that. >> here's a couple of different angles of nick's collapse.
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>> it goes wrong all kinds of ways. it's the sound that gets me, just that crunch. >> it's a lucky day for one family when they get to bring loved ones home. >> they haven't seen their family members in three and a half years. >> that's a long time to not see your family. >> how winning a contest led to the happy reunion. and police officers are the first to arrive at the scene of a house fire. >> the situation is desperate. apparently there are five children in this home. >> how they put their own s i love watching tv outside.
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this lovely lady you're seeing on your screen is sue reilly, a contest winner and she's about to have specta . this lovely lady is sue riley and she is going to have
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a spectacular day. >> me, my two older sisters. my brother-in-law's family. and we are all getting ready to go. >> you are wondering what kind of contest did she win? she won a competition to bring a loved one home. they are gathering in ireland. >> we will see him. and sean and laurie after three and a half years. joanne is her sister and paul is the the brother-in-law. two kids. they haven't seen the family members in three and a half years. her sister and sister's husband moved to perth, australia. >> she said sure. we have skype now. you can connect in different ways. nothing better than just to, get a hug. >> get a hug from the kids. >> here is the moment they are waiting patiently at the airport to see their loved
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ones. they finally get to see them. >> this is a trip they may not have been able to afford otherwise. >> that is a really neat idea. usually, you apply for one of the contests and you can get away and have a vacation. here, they are encouraging inner contests to bring someone home. that is ingenious. >> that is a great way to wish everyone a happy holidays. thanksgiving morning. a fire breaking out in a home in shreveport, louisiana. police officers are first on scene. you can see the flames off to the left and listen. >> apparently, there are five children in the home. it is on fire. and the police officers do not have the protective gear that
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firefighters do. they are risking their own lives for sure trying to rescue the children. the adults have gotten out. but there is confusion as to which kids are saved and which are still in the house. >> she is constitutional scream being that she can't find her baby. they believe there is still two more children inside. >> on the floor. >> we have three. >> how many are out? >> we have one right here. >> they have two that way. >> wow. i can't believe it. they got them. >> they did get them. other officers rescued the other children. three children were burned and they are being treated at the hospital. >> this one is burned up bad. >> some officers suffered injuries as well. >> it was never an option not to go into the building. you have to do what you have to do. >> i have burns on me already. >> five years ago, we didn't get one out. >> wow. >> geez. that moment where the the one
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said we have three. how many did you get. >> it takes your breath away. they are keeping their fingers crossed. >> the officers are some remarkable human beings. >> go pro is at it again. >> this is from inside the go pro offices. >> that is a nice cafeteria. >> yes, pretty cool place to work. >> see you in right this minute. pretending to be a couple with a stranger in a selfie. >> it is convincing. >> now, meet the you tube phenomenon who tells us how the life has changed since making you tube magic. >> i did this before you tube. >> plus the squirrel thief is after a treat. >> there is a donut inside the bag. and it is this size. >> see the crafty way he gets the goods.
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when this popular youtuber is up to something, lots of people are paying attention because the dude has a million plus experiments. his latest experiment, take this selfie with me, i'm going to send this to my parents. >> i told my parents i'm dating someone for christmas and i'm not. >> i told me parents i'm dating someone and i'm not. would you take a selfie? >> here they are. they totally look like they're in love. >> they look so . they are convincing. they totally look like they are in love. >> they look so happy. >> there wouldn't be a you tube video if there wasn't some kissing. >> this guy is the master at that. >> we have got the popular you
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tuber joining us. >> good work, buddy. > >> so, is this in a world wind for you. they get to be super positive. >> i sent a crazy journey and jeff seeing it. and i used to clean port-a-potties. before you tube. >> is there one that put you on the map. >> well, i have nine sub scrubbers before that and that went viral. >> right now. what did you do? >> that one is on the map. and then people were like. okay, the one hit and then the next deal helped me take off again is the magic kissing card trick. >> maybe this guy knows what he is doing and just replay the pink shirt kissing planning took off again. >> we were impressed with the pink shirt kissing planning.
7:19 am
we had this on the show. >> can you reveal the secret. >> a lot of magic. >> maybe fly me out there and take me to dinner. >> i will do it. >> we will pay for it. >> is this now a career. only thing you do. >> yes, back in february, i was able to quit my job and do this full time. >> now, that you are a you tube celebrity does it feel like work? >> yes, but it is the type of work that you love so much, you just do t because you love it. >> i am working on my one year anniversary video. we are doing a mistletoe part two with a little twist. >> you guys were the first people that contacted me like ever a year ago. >> yeah. >> that is because. we recognized your talent from the beginning. >> first e-mail we got is from right this minute. so, it is kind of cool.
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>> beware, because there are thieves among us. >> that would and squirrel. and as you know, squirrels had, in fact, everywhere. >> he is an adorable thief and else after something and something tasty. it is inside the bag. >> pumpkin munchkin. >> this squirrel is crafty. doesn't go through the big hole in the bag. >> but, it is right there. and examines the treat. >> he is licking some of the sugar off. >> he doesn't want anyone to touch it. >> squirrels are more fearless of humans. >> they know we like watching them doing stuff like this. and they are not charged to be put in jail. >> this is a thief. >> in the next video, also a squirrel. this treat is not so tasty. >> that's a monkey. >> i am not sure if the squirrel thought this would be perfect for his nest. >> that's the date for the the
7:21 am
night. >> ins in the lair. >> monkeys can climb trees well. and the squirrel works and works. and works. and works. and works. >> and eventually he is up in the tree. no monkey. >> that didn't last long. ever this is a message in the the bottle type of thing. they lead him to heavily happy after. >> this is a first. good morning nelly! woah.
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it was a rare snow day at the albuquerque park zoo. let's watch some animals plays in the snow. >> i love animals at the snow. >> we start at the elephant enclosure. out comes the elephant and they are taking their time. >> awesomeness. >> there is a snowman with i think i see . look, there is a snowman, i think i see a watermelon rind and carrot. look at the baby. here they come. they are like wait a minute. it as delicious imposter. >> i like the big one gets to bite. >> i am here. i am not embarrassed. >> i will take the first bite.
7:25 am
>> it is about time. >> we have been missing snow. where have you been all this time. >> albuquerque is beautiful. a little snow now and then. >> he is just enjoying it. and cooling his nose off. >> that is coca-cola that goes with this. it is trying to promote something. see if you can figure out what it is. motorcycles. >> good guess. >> and turned on. and then the rider takes off to the grocery store to pick up balloons. cashier. >> ringing up stuff. and the rider gets back. motorcycle and hits the road and makes it to a bowling club where he finds an older gentlemen and they are playing. and sits down with one of the gentlemen. >> it as deal. >> not a drug deal. >> this is the church.
7:26 am
>> i am completely lost. >> they meet with the priest. they have an exchange. and again, the writer hits the road and makes it to a beautiful beach. takes the box and puts the little bag inside. he starts blowing up balloons. attaching the box to the balloons and res them into the sky. >> this is promoting love. > >> this is a proposal from out are space. >> created by richard eng, for his girlfriend abby miller. that is an actual ring that he said he really did send up. 109,000 and 154 feet.
7:27 am
>> shut up. >> he gave her. >> he took the ring into the stratosphere and then when it came back down. he found it and that's how at the prepped? with this? >> yes. >> the whole video, the little movie is playing in a movie that he rented out. invited his family and friends. and sitting next to abby and gets down on one knee and see said yes. >> i have to say that this is a first. >> we have not the the seen this kind of proposal video. >> it is cool and the cashier i pointed out earlier. that is her sister. >> the priest, that is abby's dad and this is grandpa. >> the ring belongs to his grandmother's mother. >> so his great grandmother. >> thanks nor joining us. and we will he you next time.
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. good morning, everyone on the hiy sunday, december 8th. yes, we are here. i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. you may have guess dollars, we are encountering issues. we will run a special instead of the newscast. we apologize for any inconvenience. we are hoping to get it fixed soon. what it can't stop us from doing is take us live to candlestick park. and there is alex savidge out there live. in the last report, you said
7:31 am
fans are making their way too the parking lot. >> they are. this is a live look at candlestick park. it is going to be a cold morning for the tailgaters and something tells me they don't mind. they have geared up for a heated rivalry, 49ers and seahawks, they will kick off and police chief said he will actually have undercover officers dressed in seahawks gear. he wants to make sure people don't get into arguments and fights and keep their handses to themselves. 49ers are hoping they can work with home field advantage today. they lost the two match ups with the seahawks and pull it out today. they know they believe the 49ers can do it today. >> al castaneda not to be confuse requested one of our morning traffic reporters sal castaneda. >> where is the birth mark on the side of your head.
7:32 am
>> at birth. >> diehard niner fans. >> i like that. >> what about today's game. how will it play out. >> it is a big game. we are excited. seahawks have one coming from us. we have a big win today. 24-17, niners. is what i am predicting. >> al? >> we owe them something. they are the best team nfl record-wise. and we have a little bit of 49er fans. and tailgate team and cooking for them today. some good home cooking. >> they have been camped out here since yesterday morning. and in the rv parking lot across from candlestick. >> they are out here and gored up for the match up. point out one thing. they have made their way down from seattle. and in fact, a group of the sea hawk fans are raising money and they have paid for a plane that will fly a seahawks banner above candlestick park. 15 minutes before the park
7:33 am
today. >> just to opportunity them inside the stadium. kickoff is 1:25 today. the fans are fired up. >> live this morning, candlestick park, alex savidge. channel 2 news. that is the seahawks banner. he had his game face on and ready to go. get him some pads. that game is airing right here. >> kickoff set for 1:25. this is followed by the fox's show and then the point after hosted by sports director of mark abanez. oakland police are looking for a homicide suspect. they were searching the area of west and 36th streets. and at wound point they did have the guns drawn and then a search turned up nothing and the area was reopen to traffic. about a half hour ago. >> freezing temperatures could be to blame for the death of a fifth homeless person.
7:34 am
he was found in dublin, the coroner is still trying to determine if he died from hypothermia. >> freeze warning is in effect. we will go over to rosemary orozco for a check of the forecast this morning. hey, rosemary. >> it is a cold one. dipping into the 20s. once again. if you thinking, it is a great morning to start a fire. don't do it. it is illegal to burn. for today, we have a stable air mass starting to develop. and with that. hazy sunshine a possibility today. but it is a winter spare the air day and unless you are exempt and primary source of heat. it is not okay to start a fire in the fireplace. >> this is the pellets. log or wood. >> we do have a freeze warning in place. and until 9:00 this morning. and then we are anywhere from five to 10 degrees colder than yesterday morning. and coalest locations in the 20s. 28 in napa. and mid-20s outside your
7:35 am
door. and 21 in san rafael. and in livermore. upper 20s in antioch and around the bay, 30s. 30s reported at the oakland airport. 38 in san francisco. sun the place sitting at 41 has to do with the breeze that is blowing at sfo, if you are headed out there, it is slightly warmer. consider the windchill factor with the air and one day as well. >> # three as well in foster city. and you are checking in at 37. >> three # at saratoga. and just a very chilly morning. step be -- stepping out to the farmer's market. cool, we will be below average once again and keep in mind. it is a spare to the air day and clear and cold in the national weather service. it is anticipating another freeze warning for the area tonight. into tomorrow. >> if you are going out to see the niners play. it is 40 across the board. we get into the noon hour.
7:36 am
>> that is about it. and take a look at the afternoon highs. >> widespread 40s. in the forecast. >> 47 for santa rosa. as we get into the extended forecast here. >> second half of the weekend in view. temperatures on the cool side. we won't have the wind and if some case this is morning. it was quite breezy and that adds to the chill. we won't have that and temperatures remain very cold. >> monday, tuesday. and slight rebound and lows remain chilly. back to you. we are having technical difficulties but we have engineers trying to fix the problem. >> for now we will take you back to right this minute. we will bring you the latest update. and if we resolve the issue, we will see you right here on the air for a complete newscast. >> we will take one live look outside. there is the approach to the toll plaza on the bridge. chp is reporting black ice, especially the north bay up in
7:37 am
santa rosa. stay with us on ktvu. organization. >> we didn't know what to do. we were shocked. we read through your suggestions and one said give the money to someone who really needs it. >> we found crystal. we read her story and it really, really touched us. . crystal is a single mom and we decided she was the right person to donate this money to. >> she started to lose hope. we knew we had to helper. and we got on a plane and flew 2,000 miles to give her a surprise. >> she has no idea that they are coming through. >> thank you for coming. >> she was originally diagnosed. and she has undergone a double
7:38 am
mastectomy. hysterectomy. chemo and radiation. >> they tell her why they are there. >> we raised this. and brought it up to $7,000. thank you. can i hug you? >> yes. >> so, they give her one envelope. that wasn't it. >> there is more. >> that was the money raised from our video. but we had another anonymous sponsor who wanted to donate to your cause as well. >> wow. so, they he matched our donation. >> they broke it up. >> that is awesome. to tell us more about it. we have the three gentlemen, via skype all the way from l.a., jesse, kong and what was it like to be able to give this woman the gift. >> it was really, really emotional. it is hard to get it together.
7:39 am
i couldn't get myself. i was on on the verge of tears. >> they returned the money to you. it became an even better story. >> it is a blessing in disguise. >> did you hear from crystal. >> she is very, very he painful and broke down in tears saying this is one of the greatest things anyone ever did for her. >> it's an attack that comes out ere. . it is an attack that comes out of nowhere. >> tibetan massive. and -- tibetan mastiff and they fight off the beast. super tramp is at it again. this time with the nascar superstar. >> dale earnhardt jr. she how they join this with the rodeo. ñw?
7:40 am
7:41 am
strange circumstances. you're about to see two examples. in china, a woman walks around
7:42 am
some sort of service station. when she comes b . she comes back towards the bottom of the screen. watch what jumps at her. that is a tibetan mastiff, anything about the the breed of dog? it is huge. you can see it is attacking her viciously. he has got a hold he have heir shirt ran arm. almost as if she is a rag doll. >> attached to something either way and back up on the platform. she knows. she can escape the dog and the dog is latching on to her for quite awhile. >> able to serve, roll backwards and escape this thing. and crawl to safety. you do see a guy come to her aid. unclear on the injuries right now. >> just the size of the dog. looks like a bear. >> he outweighed her easily, too. >> now, from there to something completely different this time in russia. this is a circus act known as the wheel of death. it almost lived up to its name.
7:43 am
>> this is the acrobat ivan cartovi. he falls out and the thing is moving so fast that the other wheel hits him. >> he gets catapulted into the crowd. >> exactly. right outside. >> not in the crowd but it happened in a split second. he woke up and was on the grounds. >> didn't know how and it looked so bad. the guy only suffered a broken elbow. you see him here being interviewed. >> he said they trained for hours. >> made a misstep and something went wrong and wobbled off the thing. what can you do. it is spinning so fast. >> can't hit the brakes and launched him at the stake. >> >> this guy, that's the driver
7:44 am
of the number 88 car. dale earnhardt jr. also known as the mountain dew driver. >> dale junior. watch what he is if about to do. >> -- what he is about to do. >> it is like an old power wheel. >> you have got folks in automobiles. and skiing behind it on cardboard and barbee jeep on plastic sleds. >> it might be the best. and dale junior is loving it. >> an about barbie jeep. >> not only is he the one in. he gets in the atv and driving the suckers around. >> and cameo from our dear friends. that is the soup are tramp. >> devon graham and put the video together and could not pass up on the fun.
7:45 am
>> and no goggles. >> showering for weeks. >> this is what you used to do as a kid. >> a woman gets very lucky in a back al. >> this is . this is jason mraz, and singing lucky with him. the story behind the dream duet. >> this is the man. >> using a shot of manliness. >> we will reveal what this school is really trying to teach.
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7:47 am
closed captioning provided by: [[ m maalele a annnonoununcece, meet selsun science. you're history. seselslsunun b blulue e itch. ggetets s toto t the root off and hydrates the scalp. seselslsunun b blulue itchy . there's a video that was shot back in october of 2011 that is just now going viral . a video that was shot and
7:48 am
just know going viral and it is a gem. >> and this is jason mraz, and the beautiful lady there with him is alexandra jaret. >> he is playing one of his popular songs lucky. she is singing the song lucky with him and this all happened in los angeles. > >> alexandra had gone to see jason mrazperform and she was turned away because she was underage and will skewed to wait in the alley way and i hope he comes out and even better than just coming out and saying hello. ended up singing this entire
7:49 am
song. and she is incompetence zanily talented. listen to the pipes on this girl. >> >> they sound amazing together. >> r mber i said this video just started going viral. people do have the story behind this particular . remember, i said it started going viral and everyone is saying. when will they perform again. >> yes. >> you know what, we do a ton of research here and in fact, in september, jason mraz, was performing during his four letter word tour and alexandra was at the concert. >> once again, they are singing lucky together and this time. she is in front of an audience of screaming jason mraz fans. to tell us more, we have alexandra jarred and known as alexa, how did the concert in san francisco happen. >> the night, the girl who
7:50 am
works with him. she has become one of my best friends. so, we went up north to see him together. and she was lake. jason wants you to go sing lucky with him. i ran circleless around here. > >> would you like to sick a song for us. >> actually. aye wrote a song about this. >> ♪ the song in my heart ♪ if you want to hear the entire song click on today's show. site and cling on to s last show. >> are you a man or do you know . are you a man or know of a man who could use extra shot of manliness. >> hello and welcome to the eastern european men school. not everyone is born men.
7:51 am
>> some are born as weak men. and women. >> this is the place for you. >> so, it seems as though at the european men's school. we focus on three pillars of education. one is fighting. or what looks like a gang beating. >> and also teaches us about picking your opponents. >> we will teach you this. >> smaller than you or a woman. >> be open-minded. women had can be as good fighting as a man. >> it is her problem she is weak. not yours. >> >> we will get to the drunking. at the very end, the this dude tell us, if you are interested, go to the website. cool men's >> if you go to cool men's which i did.
7:52 am
because i was interested, and a takes you to a website for redirected ever he was so, this is all sort of a promo for a movie that was be out january 10th starting in lithuania. and it is a distinctive flavor of eastern european exotic. and this is a big promo for a movie. >> in case you are wondering what i am drinking. >> it give he is you energy. >> it get all walled up. >> the last place you want to be. they are used to free the kitties.
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i feel like this video is a man's two obsessions melded into these . this is a man's obsession melded into one. >> these are not your standard holiday lights. > >> sounds like marching band music. >> it is the fight song from penn state. >> he is a huge litany lions fan. >> it is set. it is all up to the fight song played by the marching band. everybody state, no surprise. >> well, they taught him well. >> he put this here with 45,000 lights in this display. hopefully the . >> no surprise. >> they taught him well. >> it is 45,000 lights in this
7:56 am
display. >> hopefully they are penn fans too. >> you never know. >> it gets you in the christmas spirit. >> yes. >> ng stuck in the w we first start with the we first start with the michigan humane society. they are rescuing a kitten that was stuck in the wall at a gas station. the last place you want to be stuck in a wall. >> once the wall was open, he was stuck between a metal stud and the brick wall. >> i used the cat grabber to get him out. >> official tool called the cat grabber. >> look at how hungry the little fellow was. >> he went right at the food. >> hungry and sick. respiratory infection. they named it dawson and as soon as he is well, they will put it up for adoption. >> sweet little cat. >> this cat was not a kitten but got stuck in the walls. >> 1:30 in the morning. i heard a slide ending in a
7:57 am
thud. >> is it a ghost. no, some meowing going on. and he it entered in open floor joint assist and between the basement ceiling and the upstairs sub floor. >> meaning the cat got the in some how. >> he is unsure of whether this is a doorway out. >> it is tough. >> have i gone to mars. and does it have oxygen. >> you realize, that is not a kitten. >> but as we know. cats. wall, irresistible to each other. >> this isn't home right. >> this is where he belongs and just in case it happens again. >> jump back in. that's the show. we will see you for the next edition of "right this minute." [son] all right,she has no idea.
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[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
8:00 am
. good morning and welcome to the shortened version of "mornings on 2". it is sunday, december 8, i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. >> we are experiencing technical difficulties. we will run other shows and we apologize for any inconvenience. we hope to get it fixed soon. >> we do know this. they are looking to clinch the nfc west from the 49ers and we have something to say on that. what could be the last day game
8:01 am
ever at the stick. we know the technical issue can't stop us from going out live to alex savidge. >> they are already fired up out there. >> niner fans. they are. >> we go and countdown to kickoff at candlestick park. we will show you the scene here and beginning to see people filling in the parking lot right now. it is a chilly morning and these 49er fans, as we know. they are faithful fans and cold weather is not going to stop anybody from hanging out in the parking lot. this is the big match up today. between the seattle seahawks. this is become a heated rivalry. they took the last two match ups here and 49er fans are ready for home cooking. and the advantage can do the trick. >> bring a couple of faithful 49er fans. and this is sandy. and sam. excuse me. i apologize for that. >> let me think.
8:02 am
>> are we able to overcome the seahawks. they look pretty good. >> we overcome the rams during the 70s and beating us all the time. i think we will. >> our defense is good. and it all depends on the quarterback. extra receiver now. and you know, it is probably a low scoring game and whoever scores in the end will win it. >> sam. >> you are all bundled. >> what did i say? >> i am sorry. >> i can't seem to get it right. >> either way. you are all bundled up here. >> are you ready for a chilly day. and it is extra cold. >> the fire inside to beat the seahawks will keep me warm throughout the game. >> very well put. >> i appreciate that. >> should be a fun one here. >> there you go. >> you will get it. >> let me show you the parking lot here. >> can you see folks are filling in here. we want to remind people today. under cover police officers
8:03 am
from the san francisco police department. they will be in seahawks gear later on today. just in case there are any issues and want to remind people. no pushing. shoving. and they don't want problems here today. >> this is live at the stick. live in san francisco, alex savidge. channel 2 news. >> should be a great game. for the update. watch the game right here on ktvu and stay tuned for the point after show with ports director following the game. >> it is 8:03. oakland police in the area of west and 36th streets. and at one point, they did have the guns drawn and cordoned off several blocks and they turned up nothing. the area was reopened to traffic at 6:30. >> it is there in candle stick park and could be to blame for the death of a fifth homeless person. the map was found early and the coroner is still trying to determine if he did die from
8:04 am
hypothermia. >> a freeze warning is in effect right now. it is pretty cold and look at your forecast on this sunday. hi, rosemary. >> both bottoming out. and and freeze warning until 9:00 this morning. you can see it is bay area wide. excluding san francisco. everybody in the shade of purple. it may be blue on your screen. >> and this is the only area where we are not seeing the shade shade. >> it has to do with the wind and wind in some areas. reporting 8 miles an hour. and still a cold one outside your door. again, sfo reporting 10 to 15 miles an hour. and reporting winds at times. although. take a look. you are at 37 degrees. now, we have to consider the windchill factor. and how cold it is going to fill out there. few degrees below what the temperature actually reads.
8:05 am
and stood about 41. up until this point. >> 32 in oakland. >> we will go to the north bay where the temperatures are the coldest. >> 26 in novato and widespread 20s. and petaluma. and checking in at 28 as well. >> with that in mind. if you are thinking about starting a fire in your fireplace this morning. >> don't do it. we have a spare the air day. and meaning air quality is going to be poor in some cases and a bit unhealthy over parts of the north bay. unless, it is your primary source of heat. don't burn wood in the fire. >> pellets. none of that. >> all banned. >> do you notice the clouds going across the area. >> beginning to filter out slowly. this is offshore. this is south. and clouds are moving south as well. >> it mostly sunny for the afternoon. >> temperatures will remain on the cool sides. >> struggling. none of us to hit 50 degrees
8:06 am
today. >> 49 in oakland. and 48 in san francisco and if you watch the niners play. and for most of the morning. >> for the second half of the afternoon. >> upper 40s. as well as santa rosa. >> and spare the air day. >> it is already in store and decided that. >> temperatures will be just as cold. >> colder tomorrow morning. >> he we get into the afternoon. we have a warm up. lower 50s and 60s as we get into mid week thursday. >> thanks, rosemary. >> we are having technical difficulties. we have engineers working on trying to fix the problem. >> we will go back to programming. and bring you another update at 8:30. we will resolve the issue before the next update. >> we will give you one last look outside for all you east bay niner fans. if you are out and died to go
8:07 am
this way. >> 101 is great. >> raiders are on the road. taking on the new york jets. and how about congratulations to the champs. >> they are headed to pasadena. and stay with us right here on ktvu. you had 90 rushes for 448 yards. . raider fans with me. rashad, i am presenting you with an award for the player of the month. you had 90 rushes for 448 yards. and you had two games in which you ran for over 100 yards in the month of november. >> it as starred touchdown against the houston, texans. and baron's jeweler would like to give you this award. >> appreciate it. >> this is right in.
8:08 am
and on the side. >> did you expect to have a great month. >> know. >> keep my head down. >> wear a mouth piece that is a pacifier. >> with that, i shut up and work. >> rashad general something's does his talking and he is the baron's player of the month. they are a proud sponsor of oakland football for many, many years. look at the month of november for rashad jennings. >> he started with all the way to thanksgiving day. and more yards in scrimmage. >> nearly 600. that is good news for him. welcome back to the black and silver show. >> yes, he had a great month and good year for us. >> especially earlier in the year. >> helped us out specifically on the special teams and blocked kicks and then you know, when he is able to go back there. and he is not able to go.
8:09 am
he stepped up and played well for us. >> really happy for him and proud of hum. he did a great job. >> two touchdowns and at thanksgiving. did suffer an injury late in the game. he took the helmet and he knocked woozy and status for the game this sunday in new york. and may not have him as well. >> there is a chance they won't be able to play. and we will see as we get closer to game time. >> it whether they are able to go. >> then we will have a back up plan. and we feel other guys. that can go in and do it for us. >> he carried the ball for us and filled that last year. played exceptionally well. we will look to get him in the gam and also another guy that we use back there. >> makes the return. this is something that is
8:10 am
unusual. >> and this is to come back and return. and he comes back on thanksgiving day. with the whole country watching him and great ends of demarcus ware and seemed to do pretty well. >> he played well. >> and jared is a guy. we were counting on him heavily. >> to be our left tackle and be the anchor. and unfortunately, he suffered the injury. and we were able to get him back. >> played well in the cowboy game and we have him for four more weeks. >> we are excited where he is at and he will continue to get better. and more reps and playing time. >> big errors in the game. fumbled snap and to jacoby. >> and seven straight 3rd downs. he played brilliantly and appeared to be poised again. >> what do you see. >> well, i see a guy that is going to improve. >> and now, as a young player, you are going to make mistakes.
8:11 am
and the thing that i have been most impressed with him. he is able to learn from his mistakes. didn't make the same mistake twice. you want to look for continued improvement and he has done that. and there are times he when looked like a veteran quarterback in there. and played well and there are times when he looks like a rookie playing quarterback in the national football league. >> overall, very pleased with his performance. >> three straight starts for terrell. since he had the mcl and what role do you envision for him in the final four gameless. >> he is getting closer. >> i don't know if he is healthy yet. talking about terrell but i envision a role where else involved in the offense and get him in. and some specific packages and maybe in the football game and you know, to try to keep defenses honest and out to account for the quarterback in the run game.
8:12 am
that could and weapon. >> any time you have players that you know, have the ability to make a play. you want to fine ways to use them. >> back to northern new jersey again. this time to play new york jets s talk about the offense. >> they looked the strong. >> lots of continue often fence sieve packages. and the quarterbacks turn the ball over quite a bit. >> what is the challenge on sunday. >> the first thing, they are an exception aal rubbing football team. they have a couple of good backs. up front real good and for the run game. and so. we are going to have to stop the run. and be able to get pressure on jean no and making bad decisions and turning the football over to us. >> it is no different than any other week and i think specifically with the young quarterback. and rookie quarterback. >> gym hi different looks. and run the ball against him. >> this is a tremendous rush
8:13 am
defense. >> he is playing out lights out. >> the and talk about the challenging. >> run the ball and keeping it up right all over rex ryan's pressures he will bring you. >> it is a defense there. and this played in new york. since he is there. >> and it is a challenge. >> the biggest challenge is identifying where everyone is aligned. and how to get it protect dollars and pick up the different variations of the defenses we will see. >> cromartie, they are young corners. and both have good size. >> cromartie is a good lanky guys. >> and talk about what at the has done for the last three games and in dallas. is that the way you want to go. just to get a little more size in the group t. >> any time you can get someone that is quarterback friendly and having a big target and this helps the quarterback out. and like i said before. >> andre is a guy.
8:14 am
we tided in training camp. >> he protested some of the quell youities. and could stretch town the field. >> he is a guy. that we want to continue to have involved in the offense. and continue to get the ball to him. >> he has improve td as he has come along throughout the season. >> seven catches for a buck 36. thanks for your time. >> good luck on sunday in new york. >> thanks, greg of the. you have to go play physical and not let him designate it. and he will try to set the phone. >> tonight's allow him to do that. the player of the month is brought to you by baron's.
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
mcgloin to the sideline and on the mark to holmes for the first. >> what a catch, what a throw. >> and mcgloin, wide open target with holmes. over to the 30 and down to the 22-yard line. . it is on the mark. what a catch and what a throw. what a performance they put on for the whole nation to watch. >> seven catches for 136 yards. nearly in the first touchdown. >> i can't wait to see
8:18 am
touchdown. andre holmes make uses hi first appearance. >> where did into come from. >> 76 yards. and then you do that on thanksgiving day. >> back in college, that's the type of games i would have. willing it is luke an every day game thing t and getting the comfort level out there. it came pretty natural. and you know, it felt good to go out there and contribute. and make some plays. >> you did it against the dallas cowboys. >> did that make it special to do it against the team you played for. >> did he have any lit. >> you felt good going out there. and going against the dbs i worked against. every day and doing some of the things i would do there. and do it on game day. > >> it started in houston when matt first started and on thanksgiving day. he will throw you the ball in tight spaces and you can go up
8:19 am
in the air and get what is known as the 50/50 paul where the defender can get the ball equally and you are coming down with the ball. where earlier in the career you were not. >> how did you transform your game or winning the 50/50 battles more so in air now. >> it is seen more often. you can focus in on getting it while there is pressure in your face. >> that's the main thing t and figuring out the position that you need to be in to get to the ball. >> that's where you know, i have improved that. and it is, you know, being more consistent with being in position when i am understand pressure, you know, whether it is getting jammed on the line or whether it is off coverage. >> growing up in the chicago area. >> great basketball player and triple jumper. >> how good of a basketball player were you. >> i would say i was average.
8:20 am
>> kind of played within the system. >> we didn't score much. and very fundamental. >> i didn't get recruited that heavily. and only one i got is pretty upsetting. >> i signed there. and overall, it was the best decision. >> one of the best decisions i ever made. >> you went where gerald valdear went. and 14 touchdowns. how good was he. >> he was dunking the ball and everything. not just a regular old lineman. where, you know, you see them running. looks like it is hard to run. and we used him a lot.
8:21 am
and so, he really dominated. >> pretty cool and you come into the raiders at all. >> not really sure. >> and jared, he got. drafted by the raiders. and they may have had an eye on me from film of watching jared. and they might watch me. >> because they saw me. so that's where they have an eye on me and know about me. but jared didn't go to the coaches and say. try to get andre. >> it worked out. especially the last three games. and thursday in dallas. >> since he took over as quarterback. >> he has the confidence level. >> based on you up regular the scout team together. >> why is there such an amazing rapport it between you and matt. >> it is more so matt does a good job of leading defenses
8:22 am
and knowing where to go with certain types of looks. being throughout training camp, we worked with every quarterback and he spreads the ball around. >> it is my way. and rod's way and everything. >> that's where the you see the comfort level that he feels with all of us. and we all go out there and make plays for him. >> the corners are tough. and the new york jets have a couple of good ones. >> one in particular. >> they are big and tall. and that will be a battle for a wide receiver. >> it is likewise big and small. >> you go up there. and not let him dictate the physicality out there. he willle try and, he is going to troy and set the tone and you can't allow him to do that. >> it is thanksgiving day all the way to the big stage. >> thank you for your time. on the silver and black show. >> what is day buy.
8:23 am
>> seven catches for 136 yards. we will be rejoined by jim plunkett and break it down in more detail. >> the raiders against the new york jets own sunday. that is next on the silver and black show. >> long season like geno smith and they don't have a book. and how to defend thank you. and as the season progresses. >> they have mfilm and try to take that away from you on defense d. >> that is what it smith is facing right now.
8:24 am
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8:25 am
and thrive. allenging now. this team will challenge you, your pass protection for sure. they blitz everybody. >> tough physical defense. veteran guys in the secondary. they have a few injuries here and there, but those guys play hard. >> have to prepare as we should and execute on sunday. . this team will challenge you. >> guy insist the secondary. o , they blitzed hard and we prepare as we should and go out there and execute on sunday. >> last week in the home loss to the miami dolphins. he pulled geno smith and it didn't help the offense at all. he will go back to start the
8:26 am
game. >> the quarterback on the program. >> he turns the ball over a lot. and playing well early when they were winning and turned the ball over way too much. >> they don't know how to again you and they have more film. and what you like to do. and what is the best stat and take it away from you on defense. >> that is what he is facing right now. >> it is thrown one touchdown versus 11. when when you look at him. he is big and strong. powerful arm and the wide receivers. they have been dropping a lot of balls. >> a guy long term that could play in the league. >> most are big and strong and can run and throw the football. >> you know, you have to have help around you. >> they are struggling on the offensive line. and as you mentioned, their
8:27 am
receivers have been injured. >> and that much more difficult for geno smith to perform. he knows how. and pro bowler as a five technique and 3-4. >> this is a tough team. >> certainly is. >> coach ryan, you know. >> and nine men in the box. you have to boat the football and stop the run. >> create turnovers and that is one thing they have to protect against. >> not turn the ball over and giving it good field position. >> protect the football. >> don't take any chances. >> punt the ball away. and don't turn it offer. >> ray is hoping to come home with a victory. this is the end of the grueling schedule. they play td four out of five. two trips to texas. and 9,000 miles. after this, jim, they don't
8:28 am
leave the state of california. and two home games to finish up against the chiefs and broncos. >> hopefully that will rejuvenate him. >> and you haveout your home field advantage going for you as well. >> nothing but good weather. coming back to california and hopefully a few players will go on to hon lieu your and represent the pro bowl ten and back to running back. >> he is a core special teamer. en and should be a pro bowler. and vote for your favorite one to represent the raider insist honolulu in late january. >> then thanks to andre the giants. after his thanksgiving feast and dropping by the silver and black show. >> and the head of the raiders. >> we will get you ready for them to take on alex smith and andy reid's kansas city chiefs. i am greg papa, enjoy the riders up against the new york jets on sunday. i love watching tv outside.
8:29 am
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. it is summer, december 8th. >> i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. it is know the a typical sunday morning. >> and had prevented us from bringing you a full forecast. >> we wants to bring you some stories, the seattle seahawks are in south florida this morn -- san francisco this morning. the 49ers have a little something to say about that. and everyone is busy and alex savidge has been talking to fans out there.
8:31 am
the best line is the fire inside. and keeping them warm outside. >> we are going to go over to candlestick park right now. >> there he is. >> good morning, alex. >> good morning. yes. >> they are mcing up at candlestick park and beginning to fill up the parking lot. and we have seen a couple of fans this morning who made their way down here for what is become a heated rivalry. and seahawks have taken the last two games from the 49ers and they are hoping for a little bit of home cok cooking this afternoon and don't want them to take over and this is division champions. >> this morning, beginning to fill in with fans. it is a chilly morning and in the bay area for tailgating. as i mention dollars, sea hawk fans made the trip into big numbers. bring a couple of them here.
8:32 am
>> this is moand scott. >> you made the trip and that means you must be devote td fans. >> who takes this game today. >> see. >> it is going to be a great game. >> and think we will take it. >> sorry. >> you know, i was asking you earlier about this. and it is made about how you might be treated. >> and this is the opposing team at candlestick park and stepped up security here and more under cover officers that fan it is behave themselves. and how have you felt so far. >> i feel okay. and i have a big strong husband to protect me. >> so, i feel good. we have been well treated. we had problems at the restaurants. they stopped serving us when they saw the seahawks gear. we left and intent somewhere else and we were very well treated. so the guy caught us a cab and very kind and wished us luck. it was great. >> let me ask you, scott, about
8:33 am
one thing. >> i have to tell people. some sea hawk fans have donated money and they will it fly a plane over the stadium. what is the purpose here. >> to get these san francisco 49er fans upsets. >> you are honest. >> just to get them riled up. >> yes. >> exactly. >> kickoff and here at candlestick park. and and attire. >> and ktvu, channel 2 news. >> thanks so much for that. >> the oakland raiders. playing against the new york jets and waiting to win for two consecutive losses. they have an eastern time zone
8:34 am
coach under dennis allen. kickoff is at 10:00 a.m. >> you can watch it here. and the 49er's game is at 1:25 and then the point after with sports director. mark ibanez. >> they search for a homicide suspect in the area of west and 36th streets. and at one point. they had the guns drawn and cornered off several blokes. >> it turned up nothing and the area was reopened. around 6:30 this morning. >> sheriff's deputy who shot and killed. he is returning to work. >> deputy eric gill house will remain on desk assignment. if he determines any criminal charge it is have been filed. >> this is since the shooting of lopez. and he did not realize that the assault style gun he had was not real. >> your time is 84:00. it is cold outside. so cold.
8:35 am
>> it is freezing. this is this effect right now. >> go to rosemary. >> there is a power the air day in effect. >> it is freezing. >> another one expires for the entire bay area. and if you notice, below the shade of yellow. i have got one for this morning. and another one for tomorrow morning. >> the national weather service has decided. tonight into tomorrow morning. another it freeze warning. it could be just as cold. >> maybe even colder as we slip in your back to work monday. >> if you work overnight. >> be prepared. and make sure you are bundled up. the possibility of at risk of hype themlia. >> it is a possibility with the cold, cold temperatures. >> it as winter spare the air day. >> illegal to burn wood in the fireplace. >> illegal to burn the logs and pill he lets. unless you have no other source
8:36 am
of heat. >> be aware of that. >> it is a chilly morning and may start cozy to start the fireplace. >> this is a system offshore. >> it is moving south and we will be clearing out for the afternoon. >> if you do have clouds. that's where they are coming from. >> generally light over there. and over parts of the peninsula. where there is a breeze and so the windchill factor there. it is more like 32 degrees. and nine in san francisco. and held steady at 40 degrees. and dropped off to 39. >> # two in of oakland, the north bay. >> spread 20s to 30s for our region. >> walnut creek. you are looking at here. 38 degrees in orinda and brentwood. freezing for me and
8:37 am
pittsburgh -- pittsburg checking in at 30. >> we will be 10 degrees below the seasonal average for today. >> spare the air day in affect. >> live look at candlestick park. and going out to watch the game. >> bring al lodge a blanket. >> and this is the next hour. >> 44 degrees. and this is the lunchtime. >> and in the forecast for today. >> we get into the extended forecast. >> second half of the bay area weekend. it is an old could one. as we get into tomorrow though. >> start out with cold temperatures. and we have a minor warm up in the forecast for at least the afternoons and then the overnight lows will follow suit as well. no precipitation in the five day. >> we are dry. >> thanks, rosemary. >> to recap. we are having technical difficulties. we have engineers trying to fix the problem. >> we weren't able to get the
8:38 am
issues resolved to bring it the mornings on two in a full forecast t but we will leave you with the 49er's total access to get you in the mood for the dame toad. >> they will work all the stories of the day and you can get it on our facebook page and join us for the next newscast at 6:00. best of luck to the raiders and 49ers. this is candlestick park on the last regular season afternoon kickoff at the stick. a lot of memories out there. over the year it is. >> thanks for watching. have a great sunday.
8:39 am
8:40 am
. still to come on 49ers total access. the reason why we are here. >> the tree lighting events featuring karly rae jepson.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
. welcome back to 49ers total access. brought to you by. as the sun sets on san francisco around us. we will get to the holiday reason why we are here. >> the 555 california tree lighting events features the largest tree in awful the city and has the 49er flavor. the maestro welcomed in the holiday spirit before hundreds of fans. and i am jewish, but i love
8:44 am
playing christmas music and playing for the crowd. it doesn't get any better. >> they do a lot of cool gigs. >> every year. pop sungar karly rae jepson, helps bring in the season. ronnie took the stage and had a chance to fling the football around. something he never did on the
8:45 am
field. then the big event. >> >> it is larger than the tree. >> with the tree lighting taken care of, the evening shifted indoors where lott was joined by boone and lattimore for a town hall meeting. >> they he don't know this. but i have a box, and i am watching the niners play. and i am rooting for them and the reason i am rooting for them. it is not about them winning as a team. it is them winning as people. >> it is a great honor. and ronnie lott, huge tradition with the 49ers. having a good time with everybody and doing what we can. >> the evening concluded with the reception on the 52nd floor where karly rae was the featured attraction
8:46 am
singing her hit song. "call me maybe" ♪ ♪ >> anything that involves giving back. giving back to the community or whatever. >> this is one of the great, great iconic buildings in the city of san francisco. and we started a tree lighting ceremony down stair answer brought it back this year and for the past two years we benefited the medical institution, been working with that group now for two years and really important to work here in san francisco. >> you know, we reached out to the 49ers and thought it would be great to have a celebrity type back to the community. and it worked out great. we worked hand in hand with the organization. so, it is a great connection for the two of us to keep up and really do this for the city. >> this is the best part about it. and you get a chance to find a way to focus on the young people and for all of us today. especially this time of year. it is great to serve the
8:47 am
community. 49ers total access is presented by stanford medicine. the official healthcare partner of the san francisco 49ers.
8:48 am
8:49 am
. they are building the new stadium. >> we are leaving here a legacy for the entire region. hear the stories on success makers on ktvu, channel 2. >> download the preapp. -- the free app. this is for celebrity server where people come out and have a great time and meet the players. on sunday. having them serve them. the money goes back into the community here and back to under privileged kids. and that's what it will allow and those that are less fortunate and really have. >> so, i come from a list. >> less fortunate background and try to help out as much as
8:50 am
possible. >> we give back as much as we can. >> this is a great opportunity to become a little bit more involved. >> it is obligated. and this is my 10th year. and not a fly by night thing for me. something i am dedicated to. and continue once i come down with the football t and it is my lifelong goal to give back. >> now, i am in a position. i can do that. and i will do that on every occasion that i can. >> fair to say the 49ers are pretty happy about the off season acquisition of anquan boldin. >> we will look at great candlestick park moment number 2. feature ago play simply known as the vernon post. >> that game right there was the emotional roller coaster. the most i have seen a game go up and down. >> drew brees and the saints and the great receivers and that team had said.
8:51 am
i don't know how many kind of records on offense. and i don't know how many people were giving us a chance. and they come back. and they come back and suddenly it is a competitive game. >> it is a headache. couldn't believe it. it was stressful. they were scoring. and it is just pulling and pushing. and down to the final four minutes. >> i think they live in nfl history as one of the great closing acts of any postseason game. >> vernon postwas an idea. and woo tut it into production and assembly line. and tweak a few things here and there. >> good play. >> they were starting to open up. and this is the field. they were trying to take thanks away outsidele and they continue to take it. >> it is all day. and we hit them with a few big plays. and we are just hedging the best. >> we are all thinking field goal. kick the field goal. we will go to overtime and
8:52 am
thankfully. the coaches didn't think that way. we made a decision to go for the win. we didn't go for overtime and win the game then. >> it was called that day. and vernon post. looked at alex and back at me. i took off. 10 yards t and planted with my left foot. i could turn and the ball was on me. >> he through the pass of his life. >> this is the best throw he ever made. >> the the rest is history. >> we as broadcasters try and pried ourselves on some level of detachment. >> it is his call and i couldn't help it. >> 3rd down. he takes it. and he got it. and touchdown. >> touchdown. 49ers. >> he got jarred. held the ball. and delirium. >> the entire stadium exploded at once. >> when i got up. all i could feel is tears running down my eyes. >> it is an epic play that was
8:53 am
the end to the epic game. >> it was a new beginning. >> it was the new 49er era officially being born. 49ers total access is brought to you by:
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
. mike nolan was patrolling the candlestick sideline in his trademark suit. on a day in 2,006 in which he put himself in the record book. gore did not get into the end zone that day against seattle. but ran the 1 yard effort where a sign of things were to come. a field goal gave the 49ers a 3-0 reed. the lead grew to 10-0 when alex smith hit arnez battle with a touchdown throw. on the next series, the 49ers made it 17-0. thank insist large part the efforts of gore. >> he ripped off 20 yards and then #. >> finally brought down by his
8:57 am
old teammate julian peterson. smith rolled on and made the final drive t the 49ers led 20-0 at half time. that was it for the san francisco scoring on the day. the defense it had to come up big in the second half. >> walt harris intercepts wallace to stop one seattle drive. but the day belonged to gore. he breaks another run for 50 yards here. when it was all said and done, they had a 20 to 14 win and gore had the team's single game rushing record. >> 24 carries for 212 yards. a record that ill stands seven years later. > >> every yard that frank gore tips to pile up. only adds to his all time 49er rushing record. i think i knew this already. it is easy to see why people love to come to san francisco. >> for the amazing views and
8:58 am
for the event tonight, i am feeling in the spirit. >> we have a good chunk of football left to be played in the month of tease t for our entire crew, i am john fonzi, thanks for being with us. we will see you next week on 49ers total access. i love watching tv outside.
8:59 am
and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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